Beauty World, 1985

Established in 1985, Beauty World is the first ethnic beauty supply to open in North Carolina. The owner, Chang Kim after being diagnosed with advanced terminal cancer decided to sell his beauty supply business in Philadelphia, PA. Not knowing how much longer he would live, Mr. Kim wanted to enjoy the natural beauty and warm hospitality of the Carolinas with his family during what he thought were his last days. However, despite having no medical hope of survival, by God’s grace his cancer miraculously went into remission and he was able to slowly regain his health – enough to think about opening a new business in Winston-Salem.

Thus, Beauty World was born out of this extraordinary turn of events. Mr. Kim finally succumbed to cancer and passed away in June of 1992 however, his legacy remained. During the seven years that were ”on loan”, through his help and determination more than a dozen other Beauty World stores were opened throughout North Carolina and Virginia.

Decades later, we still operate with the same principles that the founder embodied: hard work, determination and a “fighting” spirit to provide the best for our customers ultimately to bring glory to God who is the giver and sustainer of all things, including life itself.

Although we are a chain, each store is independently owned and operated bringing you the best of volume buying, market-specific merchandising and friendly service. If you have an issue or concern, you can speak directly to the owner – no need to write or call some distant corporate office.

Beauty World, 2013
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